Unwritten dating rules

Men and women have a tacit code of conduct amongst themselves - The Bro Code and Chic Code.

But is this Bible an excuse for pack rats or is it a guide to being a 'brother's keeper'.

Here we show you 10 of the most important unwritten dating rules: Always have something to say A boring date that has nothing to say is an instant turn-off and turning up to your date unarmed with ‘conversation ammo’ is a rule breaking crime you must avoid.

When you make your way to your date, think about a few failsafe topics you can talk about if an uncomfortable and awkward silence strikes mid-meal.

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No, these are the “unwritten rules” of dating, the ones based on human nature, the language of love, and sociocultural norms based on the way we live and have lived for centuries. Birds do it with feathers, humans do it with behavior. Whether it’s dressing up, trying harder to be funny or witty, or simply putting on those hot dance moves you’ve been practicing, we all have our own version of putting on a front on a first date. Sometimes dating success is just being in the right place at the right time.They’re perennially true, only in this case nobody really talks about them. Nevertheless, guess what: sometimes it’s just dumb luck and you find your dreamboat in the most unexpected places.Some are uncomfortable truths and most are things people just don’t want to admit to. In spite of yourself, we think you’ll find them amazingly relevant, no matter what your age, your situation or who you are. Everyone hates playing games but we all play them anyway. Timing is everything, as they say- all you need to do is make sure you’re ready when that time comes! All your standards regarding the opposite sex can go right out the window when you’re Without judging, we’re just going to say that no matter how much you buy into the “rules” for dating, or no matter how much you’ve worked on creating a firm “list” of requirements…Every moment of our day is governed by a set of unwritten rules, laws and codes.There may not be a book that we can flick through to read up on these social rules – such as, ‘how do I tell my mother-in-law she’s tucked her skirt into her knickers? If you want to be successful in the world of dating you need to study and learn these unwritten rules of dating and abide.This is just to protect the relationship between two bros.


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