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To exploit the mineral in the surface, Codelco invested U. Also during the past year a number of production adjustments into the underground site were made, which allowed increased mineral extraction.- Moreover, it also managed to increase the recovery of molybdenum-copper byproduct-from 60% to 69% after the optimization process.All these works are in addition to the $ 3.424 million that is running the company in the structural design Nuevo Nivel Mina El Teniente, to be in production by 2017.During World War II, it also served as a temporary detention station for "enemy aliens" such as German and Japanese nationals.Though most immigrants arriving through the Port of Boston were inspected at the piers or on board ships, some passengers—such as those suspected of carrying a communicable disease—were sent to the immigration station for secondary examination.

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The CCC camps were created through the Works Project Administration by President Franklin D. The Mayer Assembly Center was the smallest of all the assembly centers comprising 69 families or 245 inmates mainly from the Salt River Valley, a farming community in the Maricopa County.

The reasons for the increase are related to open pit operation that began to run the site in 2012.

The area called Rajo Sur contributed last year 56,000 tons of copper, to which almost 400 thousand tons which recorded its traditional operation are added to ground level. This area has reserves of nearly 33.8 million tons of ore and 237 tons of fine copper.

So SUID:i-east; Densho Name: East Boston; USGName: East Boston Detention Station; Type: Immigration Detention Station; Admin Agency: Immigration and Naturalization Service; Date Opened:; Date Closed:; Location Name: East Boston, Massachusetts; City Name: East Boston; State Name: MA; Description: Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) detention station located in East Boston, Massachusetts.; GISLat:42.3667; GISLng:-71.0333; GISTGNId:7015009; Current Disposition:; Population Description: Held Japanese immigrants; German, Italian, and other foreign nationals.; Exit Destination:; Peak Population:; Peak Date:; NPSMore Info Resource Link: Official Resource Link:; An Immigration and Naturalization Service facility that operated as a detention center for immigrants arriving through the Port of Boston.

Its primary function was to prevent immigrants deemed "undesirable" from entering the country.


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