Event thread updating guestmetrics Sexchaton line

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Googling as brought me a few posts on the Xen Server forums, but none of them seem to answer my question, which is: What does this error mean? FYI the "viridian" flag modifies the CPUID results inside the guest, triggering the OS to use certain optimisations when running on a hypervisor.

For reference the code generating the error is here: https://github.com/xen-org/xen-api/blob/master/ocaml/xapi/xapi_guest_We (the xapi developers) ought to tidy up some of these spurious "error" messages.

Dec 26 XENHOST-GZYT-P01-004 xapi: [error|XENHOST-GZYT-P01-004|526 inet-RPC|session_check D:7043a15616c1|master_connection] Connection to master died.

Dec 26 XENHOST-GZYT-P01-004 xapi: [error|XENHOST-GZYT-P01-004|224 xal_listen|Event thread updating guest metrics (domid: 1) D:946baa429984|master_connection] Connection to master died.

That article also includes a sample diagnostics configuration file.

The following host-level metrics are emitted by default for Azure VM and VMSS in both Windows and Linux instances.

This document describes common metrics that you might want to use.

请教大家,最近我们的xen宿主机,总是无故宕机,查看系统日志文件,内容如下,大伙帮瞧瞧这是什么问题呀。。 Dec 26 XENHOST-GZYT-P01-004 xapi: [error|XENHOST-GZYT-P01-004|24|Guest liveness monitor D:40df9c84221a|master_connection] Connection to master died.

I will continue to retry indefinitely (supressing future logging of this message).

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