Cassie dating 2016

We met early our freshman year through friends and ran into each other at a couple of parties.

Cassie was one of the lucky people to get invited to the coolest "black light" parties on campus (hosted by Sean).

Eventually we started hanging out more frequently since we shared many mutual friends and our apartments were in two buildings right next door each other.

By the end of our freshman year we were best friends.

We went back our sophomore year living in the same apartments making it easy to hang out all the time.

The stars have both been looking hot at the fashionable events.

Began dating by end of Junior year Senior Year: Still dating Post-College: Took a break. Sean moved up to Nashua, NHMay 15, 2015: Got Engaged. Our story starts with two high school seniors in two completely different states, living over seven hours away from each other, who under normal circumstances, would most likely would never meet.

We did not know this at the time but in 2009 that all changed when we both decided we would be going to Penn State.

For the next month they talked every day and got to know each other.

On July 28th, Chad took Cassie out on their first date to Florida Georgia Line. Cassie knew then that she wanted to continue dating.


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