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Some of the school's major figures include Robert Graves, Francis Fergusson, Philip Wheelwright, Leslie Fiedler, Northrop Frye, Maud Bodkin, and G. These critics view the genres and individual plot patterns of literature, including highly sophisticated and realistic works, as recurrences of certain archetypes and essential mythic formulae.

A form of criticism based largely on the works of C. Jung (YOONG) and Joseph Campbell (and myth itself).

As a genre, there are many reasons for the seemingly constant production and audiences keep coming back for the thrill of the scare.

Asian horror films are in a complex league of their own, more often than not being the subject of a Hollywood remake.

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Paradoxical vocal cord motion can be confirmed on laryngoscopy performed when patients are symptomatic.

Japanese and South Korean cinema has an invested history in horror films and to this day their production scope turns head the globe over.

A lot of these narratives are based on manga series of the same titles and so by the time they’ve even reached the big screen they have a following in Eastern Asia.

Social horrors and disturbing paranormal forces combine to weave a web of mind bending fear.

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