Charlotte dating speed

"This was my first speed dating experience and I was pleasantly surprised.It's a relaxing way to go on a bunch of dates all in the same evening.We are by far the most popular speed dating service in these markets.We have speed dating Atlanta events, speed dating Raleigh events, speed dating San Diego events, speed dating San Francisco events, speed dating San Jose events, and speed dating Seattle events.In today's fast paced society it can be difficult finding time to meet people on a romantic level. You very well could be single today and have several dates lined up the day after our event with people you already know you have interest.We offer Atlanta speed dating, Raleigh speed dating, San Diego speed dating, San Francisco speed dating, San Jose speed dating, and Seattle speed dating events.couple of seconds into my first three-minute speed “date,” Bachelor No.

There are a ton of online options when it comes to meeting potential love interests—OKCupid, Match, Meetups—but co-owner Shanelle Grimes says Charlotte needs a more targeted take on dating.

“We just really wanted it to be specific,” she says.

“A lot of speed dating is too general.” As of February, they had two other planned events, one for lesbians and one for urban professionals.

Speed friending is similar (without the awkward romantic vibe..) where you will have the chance to make new friends and learn more about other cultures.

The catch is you only have 60 seconds to chat with the person in front of you and the goal is to learn as much as you can about where they come from, their traditions and beliefs, and learn something new about a culture you never knew before!


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